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    Skylo Technologies

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Creating a memorable brand that will one day be synonymous with reliable and affordable connectivity while driving lead generation.

Skylo is the most affordable provider of Narrowband IoT connectivity, which works even without a mobile network. Their work speaks for itself, and through our unique design and strategy, Skylo now sees more users on their website and increased engagement year on year. A well-rounded approach is the key to success – we send over 7000 messages a week to leads, rounded out by a robust CRM.

What we do

A glimpse of the future for the primary sector.

Skylo is a unique case study, the approach for which we spent many days (and nights). The product has B2C benefits (farmers, fishermen, truck drivers), but the decision-maker is heavily B2B. To reconcile this, our organic and paid marketing campaigns involve messaging that tackle both fronts effectively. We complemented our paid marketing efforts through PR releases, SEO, organic growth hacking, and creating branding assets. Today we receive images of boats in various ports using the Skylo Hub, and it puts a collective smile on our faces!
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