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  • As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook has 1471 million daily active users worldwide.
  • There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year.
  • On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily.
  • Facebook captured $8 billion of the total advertising revenue in 2015.

  • 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.
  • One in five page views occurs on Facebook.
  • 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012.
  • 70% of adults with at least some college education use Facebook, compared to 56 percent of those who have a high school education or less.
  • Facebook proves useful by incorporating theme-based advertising.
  • Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic.
  • 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up.

  • Instagram now has 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million daily active users.
  • 75% of Instagram users are outside the US, with just 17% of desktop traffic to Instagram coming from the United States.
  • Over 60% of users log in daily, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook.
  • 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35.

  • If we only look at the top 100 brands in the world, 90% have an Instagram account.
  • Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.
  • Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online– making them 70% more likely to do so than non-users.
  • 50% of Instagrammers follow brands, making them the social networkers who are most likely to do so.
  • The average engagement per post has grown by 416% compared to two years ago.
  • 70% of the most used hashtags are branded while 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram
  • Brands on Instagram with over 100K followers have grown by 163% in two years.
  • 75% of Instagram users take action after visiting a post. Instagram users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases

  • LinkedIn has 500 million users worldwide
  • 40% of users use LinkedIn daily
  • After the US; India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada have the highest number of LinkedIn users.
  • 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 in a year.

  • 43% of marketers overall say they have sourced a customer from LinkedIn (LinkedIn study).
  • 59% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates leads for their business (Demand Wave)
  • According to LinkedIn, the site has 500 million members, 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million decision-makers using the website. The network does not just boast large amounts of users, but the users are influential, high-level executives that most businesses are targeting in their B2B marketing campaigns. LinkedIn, therefore, is a clear place to reach these decision-makers when trying to promote a product or service.