Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management

Creating, curating and sharing content in order to achieve your company’s marketing and branding goals. The more engaged your audience, the easier it is to achieve said goals. Having a solid strategy for social media is vital for any brand. Creating content strategies includes researching target audience and social keywords, as well as testing and analyzing different networks and types of content.

Content Generation and Optimization

A potential customer becomes a customer when he sees value. Our content marketing aims to answer questions that your potential clients might have and position your company as the perfect fit.There are certain dimensions to be met for every aspect of your business, while taking into account different networks and platforms. Our skill set allows your business to make an impact with the right content.

Content Creation

Your organisation needs to have an identity. Our creative services start at exhaustive research to establish a position for your company and create an identity that induces a strong brand recall. Social media content needs to be engaging enough to encourage audiences to help brands spread their message.

Creating an online community / fanbase

As the rich and famous can attest, it’s great to have people that adore you. Social media is just the platform to interact with and celebrate your fanbase. You can share anything you want about your business on social media in a flexible way. ‘Day in the life’s, behind the scenes, upcoming projects are just some events that we can heavily feature on business social media pages. We curate the kind of pages that establish an identity that customers can buy into and build online presences that customers love staying connected to.

  • Curating pages that grow a loyal following
  • Showcasing all business operations to improve relatability

A portal to your customers

Social media has enabled brands to speak directly to their audience. Companies like Facebook pride themselves on instantly connecting business with their customers (well, most of the time, anyway). We are a social media marketing services company that leverages those platforms to create brands that can effectively speak to customers. Directly finding out from your customers if your brand looks like a litter of puppies or just litter is valuable market feedback that helps guide brand strategy.

  • Direct & effective customer communication
  • Leveraging social media pages to study markets

Give your brand a personality

A brand’s relationship with customers should go much deeper than payment for services. We create personalities for our brands that their customers can relate to on a more intimate level. We view brand followings as evidence of how well the brand appears, speaks and caters to its customers. In Star Trek terms, brands that come across more like Captain Kirk and less like Spock tend to do better commercially. As Kirk said, “Genius doesn’t work on an assembly line basis”. Our social media marketing team couldn’t agree more.

  • Persona curation for businesses
  • Marketing that makes brands personable

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