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BrandsJar played a crucial role in transforming the way 21k Schools connects with parents and students. Serving as the creative agency for the educational institution, BrandsJar helped craft compelling videos for admissions, heartfelt testimonials, and engaging content on specific child education topics. The agency tapped into the power of storytelling, capturing the essence of each child's educational journey and presenting it in a relatable manner.

One standout initiative involved creating videos on topical days, bringing to life the vibrant atmosphere within 21k Schools. BrandsJar also contributed significantly to the dissemination of information about the school's benefits, illustrating how it positively impacts a child's educational experience. Through a thoughtful questionnaire, the agency gathered insights directly from the kids, shaping educational content for social media platforms. This collaborative effort resulted in content that resonated with both parents and students, fostering a sense of community and trust. In essence, BrandsJar played a pivotal role in enhancing 21k Schools' communication strategy, making education not just informative but also emotionally compelling for all stakeholders involved.

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