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India, being one of the largest countries globally, faces the challenge of having 65% of its population residing in rural and remote areas. In these regions, connectivity becomes a significant obstacle, leading to significant logistical and informational gaps for businesses operating in India.

Imagine a scenario where all businesses, regardless of their location, could seamlessly connect with each other, even in the most remote areas. Is there a solution that could address this issue? Moreover, how can we raise awareness about this solution, from decision-makers in companies to the working individuals providing raw materials to businesses?


Skylo entered the Indian market with a specific goal: to address the connectivity challenges faced by businesses, including those in remote areas. Backed by funding from NASA and Softbank, Skylo aimed to tap into the entire Indian market.

To achieve this, we leveraged the power of digital marketing to create awareness and generate leads for Skylo. We strategically utilized various platforms based on different use cases, tailoring our communications for specific sectors. Our advertisements were strategically placed on different platforms, taking into account customer behavior and preferences.

Over the course of 8 months, we have achieved remarkable results for Skylo, with a significant increase in brand awareness throughout India. Additionally, our efforts have successfully generated a genuine and robust lead pipeline, further solidifying Skylo’s presence and growth in the market.

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Performance Marketing

We launched three distinct campaigns for Skylo, comprising awareness advertisements designed to educate viewers about the technology, vernacular ads crafted to target smaller, specialized audience segments, and a lead generation campaign. This lead generation initiative proved highly effective, delivering approximately 250 high-quality sales leads on a monthly basis.

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