Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Services

We create, curate and optimise content to achieve your company’s marketing and branding goals. The more engaged your audience, the easier it is to achieve said goals

Content Creation and Strategy

We create content based on three aspects- your goals, industry, and brand. All content is made with the sole purpose of you reaching your marketing goals. We create content strategies that include researching target audience and social keywords, as well as testing and analysing different networks and types of content

Managing and Monitoring Online Presence

Our team of social media specialists monitor the performance of all social media channels and creative content. Our internal process allows us to react instantly if there is a drop in performance and come up with innovative measures to maintain a steady balance

Increasing Reach

Apart from ads, there are other ways to improve your social media reach, like connecting with followers and conversing with people relevant to your industry.

Platform-Specific Content

Each platform is unique in terms of what it offers. Each business is unique in terms of its target audience. This is why we ensure the correct content is created for the most appropriate platforms for your brand. If your business operates in a B2B sector, we create a unique LinkedIn strategy for maximum engagement. For more B2C brands, our focus is towards FB and IG.

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