Visual Arts

Making your brand easily remembered but not easily forgotten

Our visual arts studio includes our graphics, posts, videos and animations. Text mediums are not always the most successful way to generate interest in your brand, so we diversify our deliverable portfolio to include visual elements as well. It’s essential to stand out without alienating yourself from your target audience. We employ the perfect visual strategy that walks that fine line. Different, yet relatable. Creative, yet understandable. We optimize your content hierarchy, so your audience gets the information they need to facilitate the customer journey in the most efficient way.

  • Visual arts in multiple mediums
  • Content curation with good recall

We know more isn’t always better.

We design graphics, videos and animations to be more than just the sum of copies, images, shapes and colours. Our minimalist philosophy ensures you won’t overburden your viewers with information. The output from our visual arts studio effectively has its language, tone and personality. All of which has to be understood by the viewer. As a graphics design company in India, we map out a design strategy and execute it in an aesthetic yet efficient fashion to cater to businesses' dynamic and large-scale needs..

  • Spotlight subtle features of the brand content
  • Combine aesthetics with efficiency for the business environment

Design processes that synergise with the brand in every frame

Our development process starts with a discovery phase wherein we gather as much information about your brand as possible, including brand guidelines. We then plan and conceptualise where we map out the design direction and create mock-ups for our clients to review. Then we go through the actual design process where we create different potential final graphics, videos and animations for our clients to sift through and select the one they feel represents their brand the best. After the process is complete, we take the learnings from the collaboration with our clients and make those insights actionable for future projects.

  • Elaborate and organized design process
  • Project learnings used to refine future designs